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2005 Annual report

BEENHAM BAND (Registered Charity – number 1087848)

Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st July 2005

Chairman – Lynne Ellis, Secretary – Janette McPherson, Treasurer – Fiona Benjamin, Librarian – Anne Moore, Eleanor Brooks, Simon Witcomb, Mel Poyda

David Wirdnam, who has now been our main conductor for about 18 months, has led the band from strength to strength, introducing us to a new repertoire of music and enabling us to improve our ensemble and performing skills. David has worked closely with the committee on ideas for the development of the band over the next few years. His professionalism, skill and musicianship is much appreciated and enjoyed. Matt Butchers joined the band as a trombonist last year and has ably assisted David with warm-ups and introductions, has led the band through Friday rehearsals and part of our Ufton Court weekend in David’s absence and has conducted us through a number of Summer fetes this season. His infectious enthusiasm has also been much enjoyed by band members.

Constitution and Objectives
The band is a registered charity and its constitution is available to all members.

Mission statement
1 The band exists to give its members the pleasure of playing with like-minded people, to the best of their ability.
2 This is achieved by providing facilities and musical direction of the highest possible calibre.

Our Aims and Objectives were redrafted this year by the committee as follows:

1. To choose and rehearse music that is satisfying to play and interesting to listen to.
2. To encourage every member to develop their personal technique and ensemble skills, through guidance in full and sectional rehearsals.
3. To provide an environment where every member, whether experienced or relatively inexperienced, is empowered to give of their best, by ensuring that all members are treated with equal respect.
4. To perform music of a high standard, by ensuring that adequate rehearsal time is provided.
5. To improve the quality of performance, through the adoption of a professional attitude to presentation.
6. To achieve a full complement of players for rehearsals and concerts
7. To acquire any instruments that are not usually individually owned.

1. To welcome and encourage all members who wish to join the band.
2. To provide opportunities for socialising after rehearsals, and during breaks.
3. To organise social events, which engender the sense of belonging and commitment to the band
4. To organise musical weekends, where there are opportunities to play and socialise.
5. To provide a friendly but business-like atmosphere in rehearsals
6. To keep members fully informed of the band’s aims and objectives, by ensuring that there is frequent communication between the members, the committee and the Musical Director.

1. To ensure that we have sufficient funds to meet our aims and objectives
2. To hold £500 in reserve, to cover any un-foreseen costs.

1. To attract members of sufficient quality, who will continue to enhance the musical development of the band.

Membership and Rehearsals
We currently have 40 paying members and our average attendance at rehearsals during the years was 31. This is, once again, extremely high and remains a credit to the conductors and the friendly atmosphere within the band. We rehearse every Friday during term-time from 7.45pm to 9.45pm in Beenham school hall. In addition to the main band, smaller chamber groups rehearse and perform at concerts and the saxophones continue to meet regularly once or twice a month. New members are always welcome in the band and ideas for discovering new talent who could join us are also welcome!

We continue building our library of music comprising arrangements of popular tunes, marches, music from shows and films, excerpts from the lighter Classical repertoire as well as contemporary pieces especially written for wind band. We are, once again, grateful to South Berks Concert Band who lend us music from their extensive library. We have purchased a large number of new pieces this year and have many more on order ready for this year’s rehearsals and performance. Our gratitude and appreciation must go, once again, to Ann Moore, our incredibly conscientious and professional librarian. She safeguards our music, organises copies, scores, ordering, filing and numerous other mundane but crucial jobs – without her hard work, our pads would be in a sorry state – thank you Ann on behalf of us all!

Music Weekend
Our 3rd annual weekend of music in January 2004 at Ufton Court was once again enjoyed by all. David Wirdnam and Matt Butchers conducted us as we rehearsed pieces in preparation for our Spring Concert. We have booked the same venue for 11/12 March 2006 when we will be reverting to our traditional practice of enjoying guest conductors and unseen music. This is usually a super weekend, full of light-hearted fun, great company and a spectacular environment – book the dates in your diaries now! Ann and Lynne will be co-ordinating this event and more information will be available soon.

6 Nov 04 Autumn Concert Corn Exchange
10 Dec 04 Savacentre Carols
Dec 04 Bradfield lights
19 Dec Carols Beenham Church
28/29 Jan 05 Ufton Court
26 Feb 05 Spring Concert – St Mary’s Church
11 June Kingsclere School Fete
25 June Newbury Summer Show
2 July Newbury Carnival
9 July St Nicholas School Fete

Future/planned performances/events 2005-6
3rd September 05 Dunstan Park Fete
4th September Cold Ash Play for Fun Day
15th October AutumnConcert –Aldermaston Church
16th December Christmas Concert –Beenham School
10th December Band Christmas Meal – 6 Bells
4th March 06 Spring Concert Ashford Hill Church
11/12 March Ufton Court weekend
June 06 Newbury Show
June 06 Newbury Carnival
July 06 St Nicholas School Fete
July 06 Band on the Rec.
18 Nov 06 Corn Exchange Concert

Social and Personal
§ Miss Saigon – 17th December 04 – a tremendous show much enjoyed by all who went.
§ Christmas Meal at the 6 Bells – fantastic evening with great grub.
§ Summer BBQ – 22 July, hosted once again by Fiona and Keith Benjamin. A smaller attendance this year but a super occasion, much enjoyed – thank you to Fiona and Keith.
§ Congratulations to Heather who got married on Sept 3rd!
§ New junior added to band in December – Archie McPherson

A new website is being developed – Mel Poyda’s brother is designing us a whole new website which Jean has kindly agreed to oversee it once it’s up and running. Hopefully this will be completed very soon now. It is hoped that the site will contain photographs of the band at work and play, concert information, details of repertoire etc and information for prospective members. We hope to work towards improving our publicity for concerts and events this coming year with more professional programmes and flyers. We would welcome any assistance with this aspect of concert preparation from any member skilled at desktop publishing. We have also had discussions this year on developing and promoting the band’s image and have discussed the band’s name, dress, movement and presentation at concerts. We hope to continue developing these areas next year and increase the size of our audiences through improved publicity. Dave Johnson has kindly agreed to take photographs of us at our concerts and record our performances whenever he and his wife are able – thankyou Dave for this and for putting the CDs together for us to purchase. Ann will be dealing with all the usual performing rights associated with performing and recording etc. We hope all band members will be happy with this arrangement.

A copy of the Finance report for the year to 31 July 2005 is attached. Subscriptions for 2004/5 remained at £60 for the year or £25 per term, with concessions. It will be proposed at the AGM that subscriptions for 2005/6 increase to £65 for the year or £25 per term, with concessions at £35. The increase is to take account of conductor’s fees and the purchase of new music. Being a charity we are able to recover income tax on subscriptions. We are grateful for the continued support of Beenham Parish Council which gives us a grant to cover the cost of hiring the school hall for rehearsals.

Our main aim is to ensure that all members enjoy their music-making whilst meeting the objectives of the charity. The long-term plan for the band was reviewed in the Summer by the committee and will be available for all members shortly. The committee has been reduced in number this year and has worked very hard to ensure the smooth and successful running of our band. May I, as chairman since December, thank the committee on the band’s behalf for all of their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm which ensures that our band is run successfully and with such enjoyment! We would very much like to hear from any member who would be interested in joining the committee for 2005-6. Please speak to any existing committee member or email Lynne on

Lynne Ellis – chairman
23 September 2005

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