Sunday, June 29, 2008

Band To Tea: Hungerford Fete

This fete was almost a secret. Luckily Simon made himself useful as a mobile sign and I found my way in. Others were not so lucky, eh Daphne?!

We settled ourselves in a shady corner of the field and proceeded to entertain the crowds.

Andrew McBirnie slotted in easily to conduct us once again, and led the band briskly through the programme.

Pegs were in increasing demand as the afternoon went on, but Louise Bell came to the rescue and avoided several players getting in a flap.

The beer tent was disguised as an information desk, and perhaps for that reason most of the band took to the tea and cake tent for their refreshment: the cream and strawberry cake was best!

Others went shopping.

A knowledgeable chap with plenty of gold round his neck led the appreciation. To judge from the applause I’d say Copacabana was the audience favourite this time, but Pirates of the Caribbean, the Great Escape, and The Stripper went down well too. (More nominations welcome).

When we were thanked for nearing the end of our performance we took the hint and made our getaway ...

(Click on photos to enlarge).

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