Thursday, June 5, 2008

June Newsletter

Band Tour

Well we think you enjoyed it! Positive feedback has been rolling in, and we formally declare the Belgium Tour a success!

Many thanks to Lynne for the phenomenal amount of energy she put in that enabled the rest of us to have such a good time!

Lynne has given feedback to the tour company, and has started making enquiries about a future tour. We are probably looking at going for the same weekend next year, so are investigating options. We have enquired about train travel as well as coaches this time. There would be an option to go in the summer if band members would prefer this— please let Lynne know your feelings. At the moment the impression we have is that by going over the bank holiday weekend people can lose the minimum amount of time off work, and it doesn’t interfere with family holidays in August.

Save now!

Anyone who thinks they might like to go on tour next year can start saving straight away so that you don’t notice a big bill! If you use internet banking it is really easy to set up a standing order, or otherwise pop into your branch and do it in person. We suggest saving £50 a month from now. At the moment this is fully refundable if you decide not to go, and you will only be asked to make a commitment once we know where we are going and when! Any interest will be used to offset the tour costs. Details from Fiona.

Photo request

Do you have any good photos of the tour? We are going to find a way to put them on the website for all to see. Watch this space for instructions!

Dates for your diary
  • Saturday 7th June Beenham Church Fete. Turn up 1.30. Parking in field beyond church.
  • 15th June Forbury Gardens Reading – parking in retail park opposite eg Toys R Us. 3-4.30.
  • 28th June Hungerford – 12.30 – 2.30
  • 18th July Band on the rec – 7.30 – 9.30
  • 26th Englefield Flower Show 2-4
  • November concert to be confirmed.
  • 5th September first rehearsal for the autumn term
  • 21st September Cold Ash play day 10-4 bring lunch
  • 31st October half term – we are still rehearsing
  • 6th December Dinner at 6 Bells
  • 17th December carol singing round the village
  • Friday 19th Christmas concert

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