Tuesday, June 24, 2008

News from Katie Roehl

I am doing quite well - working and living in Dallas, TX. I work as the Managing Director for the Orchestra of New Spain (www.orchestraofnewspain.org). Unfortunately it is all administrative and no conducting, but I'm still practicing and taking lessons! And in case you were wondering, I am still dating my beau of 1 1/2 years, Michael Fiddler. We were sweethearts at Wheaton College, and he is also in Dallas. He lives about 30 minutes away and is getting his masters degree in applied linguistics. I've attached a picture of us (a bit old, but the only one I have on my work computer. He's only 6" 6'!). I don't have a ring yet, but I expect one before the end of the year. (!)
Laura is also doing well. She moved back to Minneapolis from California to take classes at the uni close to my parents' home. Please pass on my update to the band, and invite them to email me at this address (katieroehl [AT] gmail.com). My life has slowed down some now, and welcome some updates!

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Tim said...

Nice to hear from you, Katie!

How's the drawl coming along?