Sunday, June 8, 2008

Playing in the open

I really enjoyed playing at the fĂȘte on Saturday, but I'd forgotten the 'pleasures' of playing outside - including clothes-pegs.

Is there a more "professional" solution to keeping the music from flying everywhere while we're playing, and still be able to play? I've seen wind-irons which the R.A.F.A. band use, but these seem to make life just as difficult for fast turns as clothes-pegs. Anyone got any bright ideas?



Tim said...

Jim uses magnets - you can pick them up from office stationers like Staples.

They may be quicker than clipping and unclipping pegs - eh, Jim?

Simon said...

I use elastic cord on my solid plastic stand. This works well, except for quick page turns!

Anonymous said...

I have the magnets but they are no good with fast turn-overs as you have to pick them off individually and that can take forever - especially with two parts on the stand. Clothes pegs are still my favourite with the magnets for single sheet pieces.