Friday, September 27, 2002

Annual report 2002

Registered Charity – number 1087848

Report of the Committee for the year ended 31 July 2002

Chairman - Simon Witcomb, Secretary - Janette MacPherson, Treasurer – Fiona Benjamin, Librarian - Ann Moore, Publicity - Mike Cooney, Events – Lis Allen, Friends - Eleanor Brooks

Mike Smethurst-Evans has been our conductor throughout the year. He continues to lure the best out of us, maximising our mixed abilities, and captivating audiences. We are most grateful for his efforts on our behalf.

Constitution and object
The band is a registered charity, and its constitution is available to all members. The object of the band is to advance the education of the public by raising the aesthetic taste through the performance of music.

Membership and rehearsals
We have had 35 paying members throughout the year, and our average attendance at rehearsals was 27 (77%). We rehearse every Friday during term time from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in Beenham School/Community Hall.

We are building a library of music comprising arrangements of popular tunes and marches, music from shows and films, and light classical music, as well as pieces written specifically for wind band. During the year, we commissioned a piece of music for the band, to be composed by Torbjorn Hultmark, a local musician. This will be performed at our November concert in the Corn Exchange, Newbury.

1 September 2001 Fete at Dunston Park, Thatcham
24 November 2001 Concert at St Mary’s Church Thatcham
9 December 2001 Carols at Savacentre
19 December 2001 Carols at Beenham
23 March 2002 Concert at Ashford Hill
2 June 2002 Jubilee celebrations Beenham
22 June 2002 Fete at Beenham School
29 June 2002 Newbury Summer Show
7 July 2002 Newbury Carnival
19 July 2002 Open air concert in Beenham

Music weekend
A significant event during the year was a weekend of music on 24 and 25 May 2002, at Cold Ash village hall, organised by Lis Allen. Robert Roscoe was our guest conductor, and we enjoyed learning new pieces (which we performed for family and friends), as well as some good food and company. We hope to repeat this concept in future years, possibly travelling further afield (abroad?).

20 members of the band, including family and friends, enjoyed a lively Christmas meal at the Six Bells in Beenham in December 2001, and Helen Groves hosted a BBQ at her house in July 2002.

The web site (, which has been designed and is maintained by Mike Cooney. This is kept up to date with copies of newsletters, music and performances, and provides members, prospective members and concert organisers with information about the band. We have a logo, and stand banners are being produced.

A copy of the accounts for the year to 31 July 2002 is attached. We are very grateful for the continued support of Beenham Parish Council, which allows us to use the Beenham School Hall for rehearsals, free of charge. It will be proposed at the AGM that the subscriptions remain at £35 per year or £13 per term. Being a charity, we are able to recover income tax on these subscriptions.

Our main aim is to ensure that all members enjoy their music making, whilst meeting the objective of the charity. The long term plan for the band, which was agreed last year, will be reviewed at the AGM.

Simon Witcomb - chairman
27 September 2002

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