Saturday, July 19, 2008

Band on the Rec 2008

There was a beer tent, photographers’ tent, barbeque and band for this year’s “Band on the Rec”.

As we started playing, people brought out their chairs and umbrellas and settled down to enjoy themselves.

Hootenanny made for a vibrant start, and we moved on to Oklahoma, the Dambusters march, Colonel Bogey, Les Miserables, Vaughan Williams’ Folk Song Suite, and more.

From time to time it rained and drizzled, but having started we carried on.

Ann Zebedee played her euphonium crouched under a large umbrella; Robert conducted under a broad rimmed floppy hat; and some wore coats; but others seemed oblivious to all but the music.

Perhaps we tempted fate by stopping for an interval, because soon afterwards the sky darkened, the rain set in in earnest, and the second half edged out to next year. Well, it was good while it lasted!

Meanwhile, under their brollies, our phlegmatic audience carried on eating their picnics, quaffing their beer and champagne, and playing on the swings. What’s a bit of weather?

Then it was off to the Six Bells - the favoured haunt of band members late on a Friday evening.

My music, which is hanging pegged out over the bath, seems to have dried now, although it is no longer smooth or flat. In years to come, as it undulates over someone’s music stand, each sheet will be a testament to the spirit of the Beenham Band, 2008.

Well done, Simon!

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Alyse Ashton said...

Our audience bravely soldiered on and enjoyed it - here are a couple of quotes from the feedback:
“Well would have been a fantastic evening if it hadn’t been for our good old English sum!! Looking forward to next year eh. You guys were brilliant”
“Great sports – playing in the rain!”