Monday, July 28, 2008

Englefield flower show

Our last engagement before the summer break: the Englefield flower show, held in a field behind the primary school, Andrew McBirnie conducting.

A well arranged venue for the band - we were under an awning in the middle of the field with the various stalls arranged around us in a ring: a large captive audience!

We opened with the glorious Hootenanny, and closed, upbeat, with the Dambusters.

Charlie left soon after the interval, telling us he “only had time for one” - so we played One once with him.

Warm and sultry, it was a great afternoon for the band to play, and for people to sit and listen as they supped their tea and cake, reading their bookstall haul.

Not many hats on the band this time, but as you can see, Lynn sported a fine boater.

The flower show’s competitive entries were in a marquee off to the side, and it was pleasant indeed to wander round afterwards and see the enormous gladioli, colourful sweet peas, assorted cakes, perfect vegetables, varied garden designs, and fine photography.

Decidedly warm though.

(Click on pics to enlarge).

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