Thursday, July 24, 2008

Isabella Welfare

Hello everyone. A child is born, 2 weeks early as it turns out! After a long labour (23hrs from arriving at hospital, but “only” 14hrs from the gas & air stage), Jo gave birth to our first child at 2.41 this morning – a little girl who we have named Isabella Agnes Lesley (middle names after both grandmothers!), weighing in at 7lb 10oz.

Isabella needed a little assistance to come out from forceps as she was the wrong way round, but everything is perfect – although her head is a little bit pointy at the moment (like her dad), but she does have a lot of hair (unlike her dad). Anyway, mother and baby are doing well and here’s a photo to be going on with. Dad is currently assembling a buggy and carseat but will be going back to visit the girls very soon, and hopefully they will both come home tomorrow.

So I won't be at Englefield and will return to playing with the band in Summer 2009. Sure I will be along before then, though.


Tim said...

Well done, Jo - and congratulations to the three of you!

Louise Bell said...

Brilliant news!!! Congratulations to you all and good luck with everything. We will miss you.

Love Louise
(Bass Clarinet)

Richard said...

Thanks very much for the card that was received today. Isabella is making lots of happy noises and filling nappies with alarming regularity!

Michael & Katie said...

Congratulations to your wonderful new addition. Many blessings for your wonderful family :)

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